A Busy Week in Claremont

The White House

Kurt has been making slow-but-steady progress on the White House during this last week.

He finished cleaning all of the windows, inside and out, which took about an hour a piece because they were so incredibly disgusting. He had to scrape a ton of sloppy brown caulking off of the vinyl frames too. He also replaced the old, holey silver screens with less-noticeable black ones. The before and afters are awesome! Check out the upstairs bedroom windows.

Before After Window Washing

Since the front door is now officially Celestial Blue, we decided it was time to reinstall the 1940s Nutone door bell. (Even though the house is a 1910, I just couldn’t part with the adorable “DING-DONG” created by this vintage piece.) I also created new label for the window. I believe originally it said “Turn Handle” but I found that explanation to be incomplete, so after a trial-run using my laptop screen, I printed our new label out on paper (in matching blue letters, of course).

Kurt installed a brand new door on the back porch. Unlike the last one, this one opens and closes without rubbing on the porch floor in the process! He also changed from a left-hand opening door to a right-hand one. The location of the railing, the inside light switch and the adjacent kitchen door all made more sense with a right-hand swing. (He needs to put a little bit of metal trim around the outside before it’s officially finished, but it looks so much nicer than the old one, I just had to share.)

Over the last two days, Kurt and I have been working together to install a new garage door opener, with a nifty outdoor keypad entry and a motion-sensing reverse system.

And this afternoon, he finally reinstalled the newly painted (outer) basement windows. Now the inside and outside windows in the basement are sealed up and ready for anything Mother Nature can dish out. (And I’m still loving that dark gray paint!)

Earlier this week, the girls came over to help scrape wall paper off in the living room. I gave each of them a set of tiny work gloves (pink and green with a picture of Dora the Explorer on them!) and a Sharpie and had them write their alphabet and their names on the wall.

When they were all finished, they got to pull all their letters off the wall and throw them in the garbage! A wonderful way to get an hour of productivity from a 3.25- and 4.5-year-old.  Of course, I had to go by later and remove the upper six feet of paper, as well as the sticky layer, but it was still a lot of fun to have them participate. Here’s how the living room wall looked before, during, and after.

By the way, in case you’ve been laying awake wondering, you know that sticky yellow paper that you have to spray with water in order to get it off the walls? Well, if you let it sit (wet) too long in the garbage bag where it can’t dry out, it starts to mold. But here’s today’s fun fact… when it molds, it smells exactly like BRIE CHEESE! I’m not even kidding. It was the weirdest thing!

Smelly Cheese Garbage

Anyway, back to this week’s recap. When the girls weren’t helping inside, they were having a great time with their new-to-us playground set. The best part is that it fits (fully assembled minus the two red slides) in the back of Kurt’s pickup truck, so when we need to move it home or to the Berg, it’s super portable!

Next week, Kurt gets to move inside the house, to make big progress on the upstairs bathroom and the new walk-in closet.

Stay tuned.


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