A New Walk-In Closet

The White House

Well, it’s been a busy week at the White House again. There is no “slacking off” chapter in Kurt’s book. But all his hard work is creating big results; just check out the new walk-in closet.

When we bought the White house, you could only access this room by walking through a small door in the upstairs bathroom. We decided that the space would be better used as a large walk-in closet for the rear bedroom (which at the time only had a 3′ x 3′ closet).

Here’s the disaster we started with. At one end, it had a door from the bathroom, next to a blocked out corner (the tiny bedroom closet). At the other end, a very low (like actually on the floor) stationary window.

First Kurt and I had a bit of fun busting out the lathe and plaster walls of the tiny closet.

Then, when the whole space was visible, we tore out the un-insulated wall paneling and exposed the roof joists.

After all that destruction, Kurt started to add things back: framing to support the new walls, three new can-lights, framing around the window, and new insulation.

It was finally time to close the original door from the bathroom and transform this awkward storage room into a beautiful walk-in closet. A dozen sheets of sheet rock and a couple buckets of “mud” did the trick.

It’s really starting to look amazing but there are a few minor details still to do: new paint, new flooring, and adding period-appropriate trim around the door and window.

Stay tuned.


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