Worst. Carpet. Ever.

The Berg

On Thursday of last week, we arranged for our girls to have a sleepover at Grandma’s house, so Kurt and I went on a date night to The Berg. Our big plans for the evening… ripping out the exceedingly foul carpet. Romantic, huh?

Kurt has spent most of the last three decades tearing out and/or installing flooring and last week at The Berg was the first time he asked me to find him a mask to wear. He said it was in the top five worst carpets he’s ever seen. I donned my haz-mat suit (dust mask, hair cover, coveralls, long sleeve shirt, and leather work gloves) and worked quickly.

Haz-Mat Suit Up

We were in a super time crunch to pull out all the nasty flooring and get it to the dump before they closed. So in a frantic and truly disgusting frenzy, we tore out carpet and pad from the entire place.

The before pictures show just how soiled the carpet was.

Here are a couple of during and after pics.

Once the van was full of nasty, we raced to the dump to unload it. Thankfully, we arrived ten minutes before they closed so the van didn’t have to smell horrible for too long.

With the carpet and pad out, we discovered a few places where the wood floor needed to dry out. But after a few hours of scraping and dusting (to cut down on the stickiness left over from the pad), the lovely original floors were exposed.

Over the last several days, the house has been airing out. Fresh air and couple of plug-in air fresheners go a long way! Thankfully, no more haz-mat suits required. Next up… Removing the sheet vinyl flooring that was under the carpet upstairs.

Stay tuned.


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