Carpet Out, Hello Wood Floors

The White House

May 15th ~ The very first thing we did when we started working in the White House was to remove the nasty old carpet. With our girls at an all-day sitter, Kurt and I had a chance to make a big visual difference in a short amount of time. (It also made a difference in how the house smelled!)

On the first floor, the living room, dining room, entry, staircase,  bedroom, and enclosed front porch all needed to be torn out. Here’s what it looked like BEFORE.

On the second floor, the front bedroom with closet, hallway, and back bedroom with closet also had carpet that needed to come out.

While Kurt (a former carpet installer) did a speedy job of ripping out, sectioning, and rolling up the icky stuff, I carried the pieces downstairs to the van destined for the dump. Somehow, we managed to get all of the carpet and the padding in one load.

Here’s what it looked like AFTER.

Underneath the carpet, we found hardwood floors covered in ancient glue, except in the dining room and downstairs bedroom where we found linoleum tile. A few days later, Kurt took up the tile and then spent several hours scraping the glue up. Here’s the final result in the dining room.


In a few weeks (or months), we will get a specialist out to sand and refinish all of the wood floors to their original awesomeness. I can’t wait to see them then!